Friday, July 1, 2011

Between McKuster Ranch, and DBM Horse Ranch colts are born

With the help of my friends Dale and Cheri Cosper, we pulled my horses out of McKuster Ranch in May and June of 2011. Goldie and Kootenai were pregnant and both were to foal in June. Misty, Summer and Rusty had to wait until we were prepared to make a move with them to greener pastures. They too had been neglected and abused at what was McKuster Ranch.

Goldie gave birth to "Sonny" get of Adrenaline Rush on June 4th. Sonny is full brother to me filly Summer.

Kootenai gave birth to "Red" get of Adrenaline Rush on June 23. Red is half brother to my filly Summer.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Looking over my shoulder, and moving on...

It has now been almost a year of living on my own - alone again naturally. As I look back over my shoulder, I see sadness, as I look forward, I see hope. My family and friends have carried me through this past year of  a divorce with my EX-wife / attorney. Thank You everyone for you uplifting support, prayers, and positive thoughts. Everyone has encouraged me by saying, "Dale when this is over, you are going to be better off and happier than ever."

I shall not belabor this past year but reflect for just a moment here of some of the good times at my McKuster Ranch. This is an account of my recent life -since 2002- in The Oregon Territory.

As I look back over my shoulder at my McKuster Ranch Life I see, a few pictures that are still worth a thousand words...

McKuster Ranch house 2009
West side pasture in summer of 2008
A Sunday morning lineup of our small herd
Sitting in the backyard with Mom, beside the Walla Walla River
Fishing in my backyard - the mainstem of the Walla Walla River
Summer view of fish habitat improvements I initiated - work done by CTUIR, BPA, ODFW, USFWS, USDA

Winter view of same fish habitat improvements at McKuster Ranch
My Summer filly with her Aunt Misty
Aunty Misty running with Rosey
A ride from the ranch into Autumn red
A ride with Misty on the So. Fork of the Walla Walla River

Little girls -- Raji 3yo, Summer 1yo, Rosey 2yo
Adrenaline Rush -my AHA stallion- during his magazine modeling career
Summer's first summer - born June 23
My mares Summer, Goldie, Misty

Summer - her 1yo Birthday
Riding Nugget -AQHA- through the backyard obstacles course
Riding Justice in the riverside arena
My Kootenai -AHA- mare arrives at McKuster Ranch
Me Mom giving snacks to Misty
Preparing a new garden row for planting
My McKuster Ranch garden covered 3/4 acres with 100' rows
A garden also takes work with a rake and hoe
Some of the McKuster Ranch cats in December - watching it snow
Quads Derby "Derby" -AQHA gelding- my first backyard horse, Grand-get of Poco Bueno
Adrenaline Rush - "Rusty" - get of Fire an Ice my -AHA- stallion

Rusty under saddle
Rusty under saddle
Rusty's shadow
Rusty under saddle
Me Mum
Our 2010 Family ranch BBQ - gethering
Me - Mom - cousin Walt

Our 2009 Family ranch BBQ - gethering
Me Mom and Aunt Pat
My first day riding Goldie - before she got pregnant
Goldie giving birth to Summer June 2009
Summer a few days old, in imprint training to be someone's special horse
Just holding Summer after an imprinting work session
Summer 2-days old on pasture with Goldie
Baby Summer on the run
Fishing a calm pond in WA
A 19" Dolly Varden I caught in me backyard - 31 October - last day of fishing season, last hookup of the day, using me 1wt fly rod.
Going fishing in me backyard this afternoon
Tuxedo - the barn cat
Spawning Chinook salmon in the backyard
One of my ranch BBQs with friends
Hope to see you guys around
Looking back over my shoulder at my McKuster Ranch Life blogs, I feel there are a few pictures that are still worth a thousand memories. Now I am moving on.

  Peace be you